Health Interoperability Outcomes 2030

Health Interoperability Outcomes 2030 logoONC seeks your feedback on health interoperability outcome statements for 2030. A well framed interoperability outcome will be stated concretely with a reasonably intuitive way to measure progress and/or whether the outcome has been reached by 2030. They should also be stated in a way that’s aspirational yet achievable before or by 2030. Feel free to describe in greater detail what metric(s) you would use or how you would measure when the outcome has been achieved.

We’re looking for you to complete the following “fill in the blank” with your best formulation of a health interoperability outcome. Below are two alternative framings and examples to get you started, but you can come up with your own variation as well.

“Because of interoperability, ______ before/by 2030.”

“Because of interoperability, before/by 2030 [who] will [what].”

For example, because of interoperability, faxes are no longer used in clinical care before/by 2030. As another example, because of interoperability of health data, before/by 2030, everyone that is part of a care team will have accurate, up-to-date clinical information prior to providing care.

Submissions were accepted through July 30, 2021. ONC is currently reviewing all of the submissions. Read more on the Health IT Buzz Blog.

Content last reviewed on September 14, 2021
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